A Video Tour of the MakerBarn

Clay McGovernNews

Hope you enjoy this quick video tour of The MakerBarn in Magnolia, Texas. Video and narration by George Carlson.  

Introduction to the Grizzly G4003 Lathe

Clay McGovernNews

This is an introductory video for members of The MakerBarn who wish to become qualified on the Grizzly G4003 Lathe. It may be useful to others who are interested in this lathe.  

Introduction to the Bridgeport Milling Machine

Clay McGovernMakerBarn Video, Making, News, Tools

An Introduction to the Bridgeport milling machine by George Carlson. This video is intended to help introduce the milling machine to new users. It not intended to show operation, that will be covered later. This introduction is the first video in a planned series on the Bridgeport.